Ollie Williams
Designer – Maker


If you think you'd like to work on a project with me or you'd like to know more about something I've done, just send me an email.



I've always enjoyed building things, whether that's with code, pixels, wood or wires, taking something from an intial idea to "hey, that's pretty neat" is something I find immensely satisfying.

I designed my first website at age 13, and after progressing from tables to CSS3 and from Angelfire to non-geographic TLDs, I graduated from Brighton university with a BA in Digital Media Design in 2011. I now work as a front-end web-designer and all-round digital content creator in London.

My main skill is front-end web design and development, but I enjoy exploring other disciplines. Whether at work or at home, I like trying new forms of design; I've experimented with 3D modelling, am getting to grips with the intricacies of print design, and I do a bit of electrical engineering and programming coupled with product design in my spare time.